How to Enroll 
21.22 Kindergarten Charlotte County Schools   &    Charlotte Technical College

Applicants for Charlotte Technical College, review the three options below for registration.
Early registration for the 2021-22 school year is only for children who will be entering kindergarten at this time.

Student Form Language Form Type
Babcock Neighborhood School
Babcock High School
English Babcock Schools
Charlotte Technical College Continuing Education Application (Option 1) English CTC Non-Certificate Program Registration
Charlotte Technical College First Time Applicant (Option 2) English Charlotte Technical College Application
Charlotte Technical College Applicant (Students formerly enrolled in Charlotte County Public Schools or at Charlotte Technical college) (Option 3) N/A No application is necessary.  Click HERE for steps on how to complete your registration.
Kindergarten English/Español Kindergarten Registration/
Registro de jardín de infantes